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IIS FOUNDER: Jeffrey Osgood

The IIS was founded by Jeffrey Osgood, on January 30, 2007 establishing the first 99.63 Percentile IQ Society.


IIS President: Stanislav Riha

Stanislav Riha:

Associations: Thompson-Reuters Insight- International community of experts, IHIQS, Mysterium, SocratIQ & IIS.

Hobbies/Interests: Visual Art, Philosophy and Science.

IIS Vice President: Harry Hollum


Harry Hollum:


Associations:   IHIQS, Ne Plus Ultra, Intertel, ePiq , IIS Officer, Cerebrals, Hamilton Institute For Policy Research. Sponsor for Alexander von Humboldt   Foundation, and MIT Open Course Ware

 Hobbies/Interests: Classical Music, Reading, and responding to: Physics World , Max Planck Society. Taking courses on MIT Open Course Ware.     Reading books on varied subjects, fishing, walks on the shore, participating, and helping plan in charity events.



IIS Membership Officers: Victor Hingsberg


Victor Hingsberg:


Associations: ePiq, High Potentials, IHIQS, IIS Officer, ISI-S, Torr, VinCI & WIN, and Owner and President of TenIQ.




IIS Test Officer: Olav H.D


Olav H.D.:


Associations: IHIQS, Mensa, Ombudsman Mensa Norway, Cerebrals & IIS Officer.

Hobbies/Interests: Computer games, Psychometrics, Technology, My two kittens, Movies, TV shows (Dr. Phil, COPS, Star Trek, Ut i vår hage, National News and Programs), Music, Physical Exercise, Philosophy,

                             Visual Art (e.g. Illya Repin, Wassily Kandinsky and Salvador Dalí) and designing IQ-items and various puzzles.