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 Many famous intellectuals throughout time have pondered some of the greatest mysteries that mankind has been able to conceive. We are seeking to understand the varied frames of reference and relationships within the multi-verse.

  People from the past and all of those who follow this path today, demonstrating this common cognizant trait do share a unique and gifted passion that sets us apart. Our abilities to reason and to understand new ideas often goes beyond the sum of our experiences. We are ever driven by internal forces that we cannot understand, nor can we escape, all the while being true to the very nature of our existence.

   We are a warm and supportive society with an emphasis for members to feel at home, relaxed, to where you can communicate freely, as one friend to another. If you share some of these same passions as previously mentioned, please consider joining our young and nurturing society. After joining you may enter into our relatively new forums to openly discuss topics and help to lay the foundation of history for the IIS.